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      3D is an awesome way to present your product or idea.  Using the open standard VRML language, we can bring your thoughts to life in real-time 3D.  Not only can you fly around objects and examine them, but they can move and think.  VRML operates together with the Java and JavaScript languages to give 3D the intelligence it needs to act real.  

    Using other technologies such as ray tracing and radiosity together with digital compositing, we can create photo realistic movies of imaginary 3D objects and integrate them into actual footage.  This means, for example, that we can create an imaginary car and make it look like it's driving down the street in front of your office.  Try that for your next presentation!

    Peruse the gallery below.  Then give us a call.

 Photorealistic 3D examples >>
QuickTime required >>


CG 3D Projector.  Projector unit on table
is computer generated. 
Incomplete - this was only a test!  [15MB]

Computer generated transport aircraft.

Aircraft integrated with actual footage.
 VRML Interactive 3D >>
Free Cosmo VRML plugin required >>
May not work correctly with other players  


Fiber optic assembly cell 
[Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.]  

Silicon Wafer Conveyor

Suspended Particulate Flow Through Water

Interactive Robotic Arm


 Video production  >>
Free Windows Media player required >>


Streaming media production demo (03:17)
[300k]  [56k]



Oil and Canvas 1024x768 True Color
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